Fashion & textiles design

Do you have lots of good ideas but don’t know what to do with them? Would you like to see your own designs put down on paper? Would you like to work with fabrics? How about creating your own portfolio? If these things appeal to you, then this is the course for you. By following the part time course Fashion & Textiles Design you will develop and express your individual creative voice and design aesthetic.


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Course overview fashion & textile design

Throughout this part time course you will develop and expand your creative awareness on how to use the design cycle to create design solutions in response to consumer requirements. 


You will be guided through initial research and fashion analysis sessions using techniques including collage, 3D experimentation and work on colour and styling. You will explore drawing styles and fashion illustration  –  a key skill for those wanting to join the industry – and learn how to express your designs figuratively.


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Course outline fashion & textile design

The course content challenges traditional and contemporary uses of fashion and textiles, as well as creating the opportunity, through workshops, to promote new approaches and processes in fashion and textiles. Participants can choose to acquire knowledge and expertise in a particular area of fashion and textiles which fits their own individual project intentions. During the course the course team will guide in your creative and aesthetic development in regular group and individual tutorials. 


Course subjects:

•           Trend analysis

•           Design Development

•           Range Planning

•           Customer Profiling

•           Market Analysis

•           Research skills

•           Location of evidence from primary and secondary sources

•           Development of creative ideas through experimental practical work


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The summative assessment will take place at the end of the module when students will present work to include:

•           Sketchbook of research and development

•           Design development

•           Customer profile

•           Final designs

•           Reflective commentary


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Who should attend?

This type of study is designed for students who already have another BA but want to focus more on the fashion industry, or people who only want to brush up on some subjects. If you want to apply we will invite you for an interview.


“It’s a great course for everyone who has passion for designing, but never had opportunity to get professional education and would like to move into fashion!”


Simona Strazdaite, part time student Fashion & Textiles Design


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The lecturers

The international team of (guest) lecturers are all experts in their respective field. They are from a diverse range of backgrounds in the fashion industry. Lively and entertaining speakers with a passion and infectious enthusiasm for fashion. All our lecturers endeavour to take a relaxed approach to the content, mixing lectures and on-site talks with more informal conversations.


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Duration course

October 4, 2019 till May 22, 2020 – tuition fee € 3.960,-

One day a week at the academy (6 hours per week) for 30 weeks

Every Friday 9.30 a.m. till 5.00 p.m.

Class-hours: 180 hours

Non-class hours: 90 hours 


streep zwart

Additional information


Higher education – Undergraduate

Enrolment fee

€ 125,-

Tuition fee

€ 3.960,-


Course taught in English


The Amsterdam Fashion Academy offers approved programs. Participants who pass the course will receive an Academy certificate of completion.




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