Fashion your Future 2021: Bachelor’s degree Fashion Business projects by graduates

We are proud to present “Fashion your Future 2021”, a video by Amsterdam Fashion Academy that celebrates 11 graduates of 2021 from the Bachelor’s degree Fashion Business programme and their final major projects. This video takes you on a journey through the visual outcomes of their fashion business projects: from fashion apps to sustainable fashion, from a Dubai-based brand to ethical jewellery based on Indian designs.



In order of appearance:

  • Geneviéve Gabriëlla Jimidar: First luxury lifestyle department store in Suriname.
  • Maxime Suiskens: Genderless brand offering affordable, corporate-responsible and good quality basics with personalisation options.
  • Amber Wardell: Fashion app specialising in streaming and viewing of fashion shows.
  • Anika Gorayana: Ethical jewellery brand based on traditional Indian design and craftmanship.
  • Noemi van ‘t Lam: Artisan candles based on the zodiac signs paired with inspirational card set.
  • Tutum Horsmans: Sustainable and luxurious womenswear fashion brand inspired by nature.
  • Heide Julie Halama: First circular lifestyle luxury vintage store in Vienna with limited-edition inventory of luxury brands.
  • Rekia Moumen: Safe, honest and trustworthy online marketplace dedicated to sneakers with expert authentication service.
  • Aaliyah Smith: Sustainable and reusable leak-resistant sexy and vibrant period underwear.
  • Amra Anwar: A girly, fun womenswear brand that is inspired by female empowerment in The United Arab Emirates.
  • Ida Wiklund: Digital styling service for local shops and brands in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Film direction & photos: Travis Allen, Stefano Sanabria.
Location: The Student Hotel Amsterdam City.

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