Fashion Photography part-time

Welcome to the Fashion Photography course!
Our dynamic and practical program is designed to equip you with all the essential knowledge and hands-on experience in every aspect of this captivating field, so you will be able to portray clothing and other fashion items.

Level: Certificate of Completion

Duration: 12 weeks

When: On Saturdays, from 9:30am to 5:00pm


Autumn 2024 session: September 28th – December 14th

Language: English only

Credits: 0

Tuition fee: 2.050*

Enrolment fee: € 175**

Admission: open for admission

Maximum number of students: 16

*Autumn 2024 session: early bird tuition fee of € 1.850 available if you register and complete the full payment before the 26th of July 2024.

**Enrolment fee is due at the moment of registration and it is not refundable.

Throughout the course, you will delve into the intricate process of fashion photography, from meticulous preparation and assembling your dream team to scouting the perfect locations and constructing captivating sets. You’ll learn the art of effective communication with models, master composition techniques,
and explore the nuances of working with light and camera equipment. Additionally, we’ll delve into technical solutions and the post-production process to ensure your images are polished to perfection.
Our focus will revolve around three core pillars of Fashion Photography: E-commerce, Look-book, and Editorial, incorporating elements of high fashion photography into each. These pillars culminate in dedicated shooting days, providing you with invaluable hands-on experience and a real-world understanding of the craft.
Embracing a philosophy of “problem-solving” and “learning by doing,” our lectures — run by professional fashion photographer — will challenge your conventional thinking and prepare you to excel both independently and as part of a collaborative team. Through immersive explorations of fashion photography history and contemporary realities, coupled with critical thinking exercises and group discussions, you’ll uncover inspiration, purpose, and new creative directions.

By the course’s conclusion, each student will have produced a robust portfolio based on the three pillars of fashion photography, supplemented by homework exercises and a step-by-step plan for pursuing individual projects and ideas.

Course subjects:


  • Introduction to fashion photography
  • Ecommerce Photography (with exercises on set)
  • Lookbook Photography (with exercises on set)
  • Editorial Photography and High Fashion Photography (with exercises on set)
  • Fashion Photography Portfolio — Learning by doing

This course is tailored for aspiring or professional photographers, fashion and brand designers, art students, entrepreneurs, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Our individualised approach ensures that we highlight your strengths while providing guidance on areas that may require further development.

Step 1: Fill out the Request for Information form or sign up to an Open Day. Of course, you can also apply immediately filling out the Application Form clicking the “Apply Now” button;

Step 2: We will send you more details by email and/or we will schedule a call or meeting with you;

Step 3: After the call or meeting, you will be able to fill out the “Application Form” clicking the “Apply Now” button;

Step 4: Submit the application form, curriculum vitae, digital copy of your passport and proof of payment of the enrolment fee (€ 175).

Step 5: We will send you the invoice and we will confirm your enrolment once we receive the payment of the tuition fee.

Tuition fee: € 2.050*


Application fee: € 175**


The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a non-governmental and non-subsidized institute.


Not eligible to receive studiefinanciering.


Fees are equal for Europen and non-European students.


*Early bird tuition fee of €1.850 available if you apply and pay the fees before 28th of June, 2024 (Autumn 2024 edition)

**Application fee is due at the moment of registration.

**Enrolment fee is due at the moment of registration.

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