Fees & funding

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The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a non-governmental and non-subsidised academy. This means that you have to pay for your own course. The academy does not offer any scholarships or other alternative means of funding.

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Entry 2019 – The tuition fees for the bachelor’s degree courses are:


1st year           € 15.950,-

2nd year         € 12.225,-

3rd year          € 9.850,-


The tuition fee for the foundation year is € 9.950,-


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Dutch students

Students with a Dutch passport and who have resided in the Netherlands for at least three of the preceding six years prior to the date of enrolment, are eligible for student finance from DUO.


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UK students

Please be aware that Student Finance England will not financially support students studying outside the UK (even though the programme is validated by a UK University).This means that you have to ‘self-fund’ for the duration of your study time with us.

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International student

The tuition fees are the same for all students, no distinction is made between national and international students.


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Fees & finance