Fashion your Future 2021: BA (Hons) Fashion Design Collections

We are proud to present “Fashion your Future 2021”, a video by Amsterdam Fashion Academy that celebrates a group of 2021 graduates from the BA (Hons) Fashion Design programme and their fashion design collections.


Domitille Georget, “Our Two Mothers”



The collection is based on motherhood and the planet, and how they are perfectly linked with each other. The designs show a mother-child relationship between pregnancy and the early ages of a child. A woman carries her child for nine months before introducing it to the world, and the first few years are the most important for their development. The child will develop its five senses, its first emotions, and start building its character, following the steps of his surroundings. In the collection I have tried to translate the perfect and beautiful, yet complex aspect of being a mother into silhouettes around the woman’s body. With this collection, I aimed to show how a mother can overprotect or over-love her child, reducing the space the child needs to grow, showing protection and comfort yet restrictions at the same time. The colour palette is restricted to resemble the empty canvas we are all born into. Various high end couture sewing techniques have been used to construct the garments.


Eva Celine Lynau, “Mindfulness”



This collection is based on the research of the Sustainable Development Goal from the UN number 12, “Responsible Consumption and Production”. Eva’s concept was to realise a collection with zero waste, second-hand or deadstock fabrics, zippers, buttons, threads or other types of trims. The colour palette and fabrics are inspired by the primary pictures from the exhibition by Alec Soth. The colours are obtained through natural dyeing process.


Francesco Musso, “Francescana”



What I intended to create is the sort of dreamlike imagination of a family who lives in the countryside and finds himself wanting and imagining a life completely different. This collection wants to bring back the original and unique cuts and packaging, with a precision derived from the fact of being a family of artisans. The materials were taken in special deadstock markets, and some I even managed to recover them from local factories to favorr the performance of small producers. There are also deconstructed cuts due to the consequence of having thought of compositions of various fabrics to achieve a similarity to what could be a luxury dress derived from various pieces.


Merel Tibboel, “Everyday Decadence”



The focus of this collection is everyday decadence with a small sub-topic protective performance. A collection where the keywords comfortable, statement, elegant, strong and slow are central and represent quality and every day statement pieces. The collection explores the boundaries of morning and evening clothes, and it is designed for longevity, practicality, versatility and second life. A soft sexy and elegant first skin with a strong oversized second skin to feel safe and protected.


Film direction: Travis Allen, Stefano Sanabria.

Hair & Make-up: Art of Colors.

Models: Mercedes van Elderen, Lieve Elise Trenite, Dana Feijen, Eva van Hulten, Zakiya Shania Cairo Caupain, Hugo Kwaaitaal.

Locations: Posthoornkerk.

Fees & finance