Preparatory programmes

We offer two kind of preparatory programmes:


An intensive one-year Foundation Diploma that ensures access to a Bachelor’s degree and It will help you develop skills as well as personal qualities and attitudes that are essential when entering the fashion industry.


The 3-month Fast-Track course will introduce you to fashion design and fashion business in a short time. This full-time course is offered in fall and it is perfect if you are taking a gap year. After completing the Fast-Track course you can decide to continue with the Foundation Diploma until June.


Join us at our upcoming Open Day to explore these preparatory programs further. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about them, meet our dedicated lecturers, and envision your journey in the fashion industry. Reserve your spot now and discover how our programs can shape your career in the fashion world.
Experience the Amsterdam Fashion Academy like never before during our exclusive Open Days. These personalized experience, led by our experienced lecturers, offer an in-depth exploration of the fashion world.


Explore our campus, including captivating fashion exhibitions, receive detailed explanations about our programs, and seize the opportunity to connect with our community of current students and accomplished alumni. Plus, prepare to immerse yourself in our exciting hands-on workshops, allowing you to discover your passion and potential firsthand.
Do you not meet the requirements for a Bachelor’s (Hons) degree?
Or are you planning to study in the UK and you need to get a Foundation in Diploma in Art & Design (level 3) before?


This intensive Foundation year at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy gives you a solid start for any prospective study or career in fashion. You will discover and improve your creative skills as well as having the opportunity to explore different creative areas of the fashion industry. You will learn through discovery and exploration through project work, lectures and study visits. The programme is designed to give you a visual portfolio in the field of fashion and the knowledge you need to be able to progress to follow a fashion related Bachelor’s degree.

Finished school but what now? Fill your gap year! One year to enjoy freedom from commitment, broaden your horizons and grow as a person and hopefully get a better idea of what you want to do in life. Here is the ideal opportunity to combine travel, culture, creativity, learning and laying the foundations for your future. This Fast-track course fits the bill perfectly.


This course lets you develop your practical design skills, research your field and gain a critical view of your profession. This will give you what you need to take on the challenge of reshaping the future of the fashion. If you are more inclined towards the business side you will be able to extend your knowledge and grasp of both the theoretical background of international marketing, styling and branding. After completing this course in December you will not only have acquired considerable skills and knowledge but you will have a much better idea of which direction you want to go in life. You can also choose to continue in the Foundation Diploma programme from January to June and have access to our Bachelor’s (Hons) degrees the following year.

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