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Q1 -What type of qualification will I receive after my studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy?


Q2 -Do you provide courses on campus in the academic year 2024-2025?


Q3 -How do I apply for a full-time course at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy?


Q4 -Can I apply through the UK UCAS system?


Q5 -What does the selection procedure involve?


Q6 -Will I be required to attend an interview at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy if I live outside of the Netherlands?


Q7 -What type of student does the Amsterdam Fashion Academy look for during their selection day?


Q8 -How many students are selected every year?


Q9 -Why do you have small groups of students instead of large classrooms?


Q10 -How much will my tuition cost?


Q11 -Is it possible to pay my tuition fee in instalments?


Q12 -Does the Amsterdam Fashion Academy offer scholarships, grants or UK student loans?


Q13 -I´m not a holder of an EEA passport, can I apply?


Q14 -Can I get a study visa?


Q15 -Does the Amsterdam Fashion Academy arrange student accommodation?


Q16 -What preferred qualification would I need to study at Amsterdam Fashion Academy?


Q17 -What is the minimum age at which the Amsterdam Fashion Academy accepts candidates?


Q18 -Can I visit the Amsterdam Fashion Academy?


Q19 -I would like to study a course during a gap year. What can you offer me?


Q20 -Does the Amsterdam Fashion Academy offer part-time or short courses?




Q1 -On graduation you will receive a 180 ECTS Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Fashion Design or a 240 ECTS Bachelor's of Arts degree in . If you study our Foundation Diploma in Fashion programme you will have direct access to our Bachelor's degree programmes afterwards.


Q2 -All our courses are provided on-campus only.


Q3 -The website provides information about our Foundation Diploma in Fashion and undergraduate bachelor programmes Fashion Business and Fashion Design, including the entry requirements for each individual programme, the documents you are required to submit in support of your application and the admissions deadlines.


Q4 -No, applications are only possible directly with us.


Q5 -Choosing a course at a university that's right for you is a big decision to make. That’s why we don’t just make our decisions based on a submitted form; instead we would like to talk to you during one of our interview days. For us, in addition to your prior education, your motivation, drive and commitment are just as important, if not more so. In order to make the admission process as clear and straight forward as possible we have split it into four steps.


Q6 -If your application is shortlisted and you are currently studying in the Netherlands, the rest of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, then you will be expected to travel to Amsterdam for the Interview Day. If you are studying elsewhere and your application is shortlisted, you have the possibility to attend an Online Interview Day.


Q7 -For us, in addition to your prior education, your motivation, drive and commitment, we also look for creative, independent candidates with a broad interest in art, design and culture.


Q8 -We only accept 26 to 32 students depending on the programme per academic year, therefore it is recommended that you apply as early as possible. It is very likely that late applicants will be placed on our waiting list after April.


Q9 -The Amsterdam Fashion Academy believes that each student should be treated as an individual and not just as ‘this year’s intake’. We are an informal, friendly, small-scale and creative fashion academy, and our focus is on you as an individual and recognise that you have your own individual needs and talent. Having such small groups of students allows us to nurture you and support your progression through the creative and academic processes during your studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy Academy. 


Q10 -We are a private international fashion academy and therefore not subsidised by the Dutch government. Our tuition fees for national and international students as well are the following


Q11 -Yes, we offer payment plans to successful applicants. The application fee needs to be paid at the moment of the application. For Bachelor's degrees, Foundation Diploma and Fast-Track course, we request a deposit (first instalment) of 20% of the tuition fee before the 28th of April, 2023. The remaining fees will be paid before the 15th of July 2023 or according to the payment plan selected.


Q12 -Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships or grants. With regards to student loans UK, please be aware that Student Finance England will not financially support students studying outside of the UK (even though the programme is validated by a UK University). Therefore you would have to self-fund for the duration of your study with us. Students with a Dutch passport and who have resided in the Netherlands for at least three of the preceding six years prior to the date of enrolment, are eligible for student finance from DUO. This is only valid for the Bachelor's degree Fashion Design and Bachelor's degree Fashion Business. All other programmes are not eligible for DUO.


Q13 -Unfortunately, we are legally unable to support a study visa for students outside of the EEA (EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland), therefore unless you hold a valid EEA passport or Dutch residence permit we would not be able to accept your application to our Bachelor's degrees and Foundation Diploma.


Q14 -Unfortunately, we are legally unable to supply study visas to students who want to apply to our Bachelor's degrees and Foundation Diploma.


Q15 -We pre-book rooms and studios for our students at The Social Hub and Student Experience Minervahaven. Enrolled students are invited to online presentations and receive information on how to finalise the booking. We strongly recommend to search for an accommodation in advance! Alternatively you can find direct links to other student accommodation on our website.


Q16 -Please check the entry requirements here for our undergraduate degrees. We do not weight either of these qualifications as ‘better’ than the other, since all are eligible for entry, and all applications are considered very carefully on their individual merits.


Q17 -The Amsterdam Fashion Academy welcomes applications from students regardless of their age. Although there is no formal minimum age requirement, potential candidates for the Bachelor degree courses will be expected to have the appropriate entry requirements, demonstrate a mature approach to their studies, including skills of critical analysis, wide contextual knowledge and the ability to manage their own time effectively.


Q18 -Yes, we have several open days across the academic year. If you are unable to attend these dates please email us and we will be happy to arrange a different date for visiting the Academy.


Q19 -The 3-month Fast-Track Fashion Design & Business course will introduce you to fashion design and fashion business in a short time. This full-time course is offered in the Fall and it is perfect if you are taking a gap year. After completing the Fast-Track course you can decide to continue with the Foundation Diploma until June.


Q20 -Yes, we offer part-time short courses. They cover a wide variety of creative and theoretical subject areas within the fashion environment.

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