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We are proud to be a highly cosmopolitan and international fashion academy. A truly global seat of learning linked to a global industry, where everyone benefits from the rich mix of culture and traditions. A cross-pollination of customs and ideas. The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a living example of everything positive about embracing one another’s cultures instead of shunning them. How being open to diversity not only makes you feel good, but gives you an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Amsterdam has always benefited from being a cultural melting pot and continues to do so today.

Nino and Felix

We are Nino and Felix and we started our BA (Hons) Fashion Business Degree in September 2019. Ever since we started it’s been an amazing experience to be part of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. We work on many different projects and we’ve had a lot of creative freedom. Subjects that we are currently working on include, international branding, fashion business, styling and project management. We are partially interested in Project Management, through which we learn everything about arranging and guiding projects, how to schedule work and what is really involved when you start a project. Even though we are all going through difficult times at the moment, the Amsterdam Fashion Academy never gives up and our lessons continue in a clear and professional virtual way. As a result, we never stand still and we can happily continue to learn.


Hello, my name is Eva and I come from Norway. My first month at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy has been a big positive change! In just few week I had the chance to experiment and learn a lot, thanks to inspiring students and teachers who really take the time to learn who you are as a person and encourage you to improve and grow.

Kirke Britt

I thank the Amsterdam Fashion Academy faculty for being able to provide such a professional education even from a distance during the lockdown. These are hard times, but being able to attend lectures and do school projects has brought a sense of relief.


I am a 18 years old French girl. I came in Amsterdam to study fashion and to learn English. I felt in love with this town and with the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. The lecturers and the students were welcoming, patient and helpful. Thanks to this environment, I am enjoying my live in Amsterdam. This year in the Fashion Foundation Diploma I had the possibility to start my sketchbook with a very personal subject: women. I am determined to learn and develop clothing designs that will empower women and add value to the honourable feminist movement.


Hello, my name is Nathan Barilari Hassan. I am an ambitious Italian fashion student whose goal is to become a master in denim. I joined the BA (Hons) Fashion Design programme in September 2019 and I have grown and improved my skills a lot since. The realisation process taught by the Amsterdam Fashion Academy has infatuated me, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching your creations come to life, trust me! This difficult period doesn’t stop our classes and motivation, the online programme keeps us learning from home. I am now looking forward to opening my own brand, which is likely to happen very soon. The Academy and Amsterdam are extremely stimulating, giving me the chance to make my dreams come true


Hello! My name is Amra, I am 19 years old and I am from Amsterdam but originally half Moroccan and Pakistani. Before my study at the Academy, I went to the International School of Amsterdam where I completed the International Baccalaureate certificates. After my high school, I chose to pursue a study in something I have always been passionate about: Fashion! As I am always travelling, I love to shop anywhere in the world, and always find everyday an occasion to dress up. One of my all time favourite luxury fashion brand is Chanel, due to its upholding exclusivity- and all collections simply remaining timeless. I chose to study at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy due to the personal attention each student gets in their learning. Here at the academy I enjoy classes such as Historical and Contextual studies, Styling and International Branding. Throughout all the courses in my first year I’m getting to gain an understanding of all the elements vital in fashion business and the industry itself. With this knowledge I would eventually like to do an internship in Dubai and learn from how a company communicates and collaborates, which is vital to experience in order to start up my own brand in the future


My name is Gabriella. I’m student of the Fashion Design (Hons) BA programme and I come from Amsterdam. The subjects I liked the most during at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy were Fashion Design and Illustration. I also really enjoyed experimenting with materials. The lecturers always encouraged us to go out of our comfort zones and think out-of-the-box, in order to achieve results we couldn’t imagine.


One of my favourite things of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy is the personal attention for the students: the faculty always helps and inspires us to continue our work in the best possible way. I’m therefore truly grateful to see the amount of effort the faculty puts into the online classes, especially in such a short period of time. I do really miss the atmosphere of our small boutique, but I hope everybody stays safe and healthy during these strange times and we can see each other again soon enough.


As a middle aged person I took the courage to learn something new to keep developing and be inspired. It is a challenging journey and a roller coaster ride. Amsterdam Fashion Academy in my opinion helps me get through every challenging part and makes it fun to learn. The faculty members and administrators are so caring, helpful, understanding and will go the extra mile to ensure that each student get their needs to grow and develop. They nurture and build confident new designers and make them ready to face the challenges in the future. They encourage and support individuals to explore and find their uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses by providing them a safe place to learn. The Amsterdam Fashion Academy inspired me to explore new possibilities and find new paths in my journey in life. During the 3 week intensive summer course at AFA I discovered a new hobby. After the summer course I decided to study further and discover the world of fashion. Fortunately, I got accepted to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at the Academy.
If you are looking for new inspiration Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a good start to explore your new journey!


I will be forever grateful to the Amsterdam Fashion Academy for equipping me with all the knowledge necessary to complete my first year of university successfully. I am incredibly thankful for amount of support and patience and guidance given to me by the tutors (which I very much miss), when you leave you realize it is truly one of a kind. What I miss most from the Academy is without a doubt the sense of community it shares, by the end of the year you feel like you’re part of a family and it is very hard to let go. On the other hadn’t living in Amsterdam is incomparable to living in any other city. The bike rides along the canals, the ferry ride to the north for a hot chocolate with whipped cream at the Pllek, the endless drinks at Waterkant or Hannekes Boom and the picnics in the park on those rare sunny days are all incomparable to anything I have ever lived. It was truly the happiest time of my life and I’m already working towards going back to do my internship year in 6 months


Hello, I’m Tricie and I’m a BA (Hons) Fashion Design student from Vienna, Austria. I like to focus my studies on conceptual menswear and I’m currently experimenting with the use of e-textiles in my designs. The lecturers at the Academy encourages students to pursue our own design styles while pushing us individually to improve our skills and work on our weaknesses. Soon, I will be moving to the UK to start my internship at @aitor_throup_studio. I’m very passionate about sewing, so I wanted an internship in which I would be involved in the production process, with a designer whose work I genuinely admire. While I’m beyond excited to learn from the amazing design and production team at the studio, I will definitely miss my Amsterdam Fashion Academy family and will look forward to coming back with new ideas, skills, and inspiration to produce my final collection next year.

Maria Sole

Hello, I’m Maria Sole and I come from Italy. I love how Amsterdam can be vibrant and calm at the same time. Its cultural offering is wide with many museums and galleries to take inspiration from. The wonderful Rijksmuseum is just down the road and I love going there, sit in the magnificent library and getting lost in its art. Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Fashion Academy are the perfect places for me to study in! During the Foundation Year, I appreciated so much the personal attention from the lecturers, besides receiving an excellent education. Therefore, I thought that I should study my BA here and I am now convinced that I made the right choice. The Academy has such a warm and friendly atmosphere: it’s really like a small family.


Hello, my name is Robin, I am 18 years old and I’m from The Netherlands. I came to the Amsterdam Fashion Academy right after getting my Havo diploma and I am now in my second year of the BA (Hons) Fashion Design. I decided to study fashion because it was something I was already interested in from a really young age. My favorite classes are design/illustration and pattern cutting. In two weeks I am starting my internship at an Amsterdam-based clothing brand called RECONSTRUCT where I hope to learn more about the process of producing a collection. I’m really interested in getting a better understanding of how the industry works and be able to create my own brand in the future.


Hello, my name is Evelina and I come from Lithuania. As a Bachelor’s degree student, I was given the opportunity to gain greater knowledge of the fashion industry and the design process with an internship at the headquarters of Essentiel Antwerp. Working side by side with the designers, stylists I have so far experienced various steps of the design process – choosing the right fabrics, creating a color story, receiving first prototypes of a garment, fittings, quality checking and of course the thrill of a collection presentation show. As only a third of the internship has passed, I am excited for what it’s yet to come; as the best way to learn about a specific field is to witness it all firsthand.

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