Fast-track fashion design & business course

Applications for September 2022 are open!

Finished school but what now? Fill your gap year! One year to enjoy freedom from commitment, broaden your horizons and grow as a person and hopefully get a better idea of what you want to do in life. Here is the ideal opportunity to combine travel, culture, creativity, learning and laying the foundations for your future. This Fast-track course fits the bill perfectly. It will introduce you to fashion design and fashion business in a short time giving you the freedom to experiment and explore where your true talent lies. After completing the Fast-Track course you can even decide to continue with the Foundation Diploma until June.

Level: Certificate of Completion

Duration: 3-month full-time programme

Language: English only

Dates: September to December 2022

Credits: 0

Tuition fee: € 5.700

Application fee: € 125

Admission: open for admission

Maximum number of students: 20 students divided in small groups

Fashion is all about communication: both wearer and designer have a story to tell. As a fashion designer you have a flawless sense of trends and the ‘now’ that you express in your own vision of beauty. You will deepen and master your practical design skills, research your field and develop a critical view of your profession. This will give you what you need to take on the challenge of reshaping the future of the fashion. If you are more inclined towards the business side of fashion then you are at the right address. You will deepen your knowledge and grasp of both the theoretical background of international marketing, styling and branding, as well as its practical implementation including, for example, communication surrounding a particular brand or organising a styling shoot.


By the end of your course you will have found out how to tap into an inexhaustible source of creativity, have gained considerable knowledge of the fashion industry along with design skills that you will be able to rely on for life and you will know the direction of your further education in fashion.


  • 301 Fashion Business Awareness
  • 302 Fashion Media and Visualisation
  • 303 Ideas Exploration for Design



  • 304 Materials, Techniques and Processes (fashion
  • 305 Go to Market and Branding Basics

Step 1: Fill out the Request for Information form or sign up to an Open Day;

Step 2: We will send you more details by email and we will schedule a call or meeting with you;

Step 3: After the call or meeting, we will send you by email the Application form;

Step 4: Submit the application form; letter of motivations, secondary school diploma or predicted grades.

Step 5: We will invite you to attend an interview on campus or online. 

One of the following secondary school diplomas:

  • IB Certificate (1 year of IB) or MYP certificate;
  • Five GCSEs at a minimum of grade C or 4;
  • Diploma MBO at a minimum of level 3 (Netherlands);
  • Realabschluss/Abschluss-zeugnis der Klasse 10 der Hauptschule/
    Sekundarabschluss/ Mittlere Reife (Germany);
  • Baccalauréat Professionnel (France);
  • Diploma di qualifica (Italy);
  • Certificat d’Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur, enseignement professionnel (Belgium);
  • BSO (Belgium);
  • Título de Técnico or Título de Técnico Superior (Spain);
  • Diplôme d’aptitude professionnelle or Diplôme de technicien (Luxembourg);
  • Maturity Certificate/ Maturitätszeugnis/ Maturitätsausweis/ Certificat de Maturité (Switzerland);
  • Berufsreifeprüfungszeugnis (Austria);
  • For other countries, please contact us.


Non-EU students only need a turist visa for the Netherlands as the course lasts less than 90 days.

Tuition fee: € 5.700*


Enrolment fee: € 125;


The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a non-governmental and non-subsidized institute.


Not eligible to receive studiefinanciering.


Fees are equal for Europen and non-European students.

Fees & finance