Fast-track fashion design & business course

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The fashion industry is as thrilling as it is competitive. It takes a special blend of natural talent, learned skills and first-hand experience to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job. This 3 month fast-track fashion design and business course will get your fashion career off to a flying start. Not just to work as a fashion designer or stylist, but also as a fashion marketer, journalist, trend forecaster, visual merchandiser, buyer of Women/Menswear. You will be given the freedom to experiment and explore where your true talent lies and so help you choose the right career path after completing the course, be it a follow-up programme or working in the industry.


streep zwart



streep zwart


Course overview – Explore your potential


Fashion is all about communication: both wearer and designer have a story to tell. As a fashion designer you have a flawless sense of trends and the ‘now’ that you express in your own vision of beauty. You will deepen and master your practical design skills, research your field and develop a critical view of your profession. This will give you what you need to take on the challenge of reshaping the future of the fashion. If you are more inclined towards the business side of fashion then you are at the right address. You will deepen your knowledge and grasp of both the theoretical background of international marketing, styling and branding, as well as its practical implementation including, for example, communication surrounding a particular brand or organising a styling shoot.


By the end of your course you will have found out how to tap into an inexhaustible source of creativity, have gained considerable knowledge of the fashion industry along with design skills that you will be able to rely on for life and you will know the direction of your further education in fashion.



Course outline


You will develop skills which let you achieve your own design principle when designing from shape, material, function and context. You will learn how to sketch, work with different materials and deliver tangible fashion products. An essential part of this is exploring and developing your own creative process. You will learn to communicate this in both word and image. Your vision of fashion will not only be expressed in garments, but also in other media such as photography and film. After completing the course you will be ready to decide for yourself where you want to be in the fashion world and which path you want to follow.



Course Modules
  • Contextual studies (incl. museum visits, essay writing, the history of art and design and the teachings of the contemporary world)
  • Visual studies (incl. experimental drawing, film, photography, fashion styling and Adobe)
  • Fashion Design (incl. research, design development and 3D resolution process through research, fabric selection, design, sampling, knitwear techniques)
  • Studio practice (incl. pattern cutting, production techniques, sewing)
  • Fashion Business Studies (incl. international marketing, branding and communications)

streep zwart


Teaching team


Two highly creative and motivated teachers will give you intensive guidance for 3 months. They are happy to introduce themselves (see video) and hope to welcome you on this fast-track Fashion Design & Business course.


How to study


The course is dedicated to exploring and deepening your creative qualities and skills. You will follow artistically visual lessons and learn skills such as pattern drawing and fabric processing. You will work on various assignments and projects as well as receiving tuition in business studies including research, theory formation on international marketing, fashion branding and communication.


The subjects are tested at the end of each block of six weeks. The teachers will assess the coherence and consistency of your work. During the course you will receive extra guidance from a designated tutor.


streep zwart


Who should attend?


The aim of this course is to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing your future in the fashion industry. Helping you to discover your talents and preparing you for a bachelor’s degree, or other fashion programme. So if you dream of a future as a fashion designer or fashion merchandiser, but are not you sure whether this really suits you. Or if you have a gap year and want to put it to good use by discovering your true talents. Or if you think you need some extra time to develop your creative talents before starting a multi-year bachelor’s programme, then this is the perfect course for you and we are most happy to invite you to come for an interview.



Entry requirements


  • English Language proficiency
  • Secondary School Certificate, A levels or equivalent
  • Secondary school transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • Scanned copy of your passport
  • No portfolio or fashion experience required


This is a 3 month course that runs 2 times per year. Tuition is in English. 6 hours daily (4 days per week) from 9.30 am till 5 pm.


streep zwart


Credits information


Certificate is awarded on completion


Fee information


€ 5.400,- for full-time 3 months Fast-Track Fashion Design & Business programme.


Non-European students do not need a student visa to enter The Netherlands for the fast-track Fashion Design & Business programme as you can enter on a normal tourist visa, which is valid for 3 months.





Fees & finance