Fashion Styling part-time

Do you have a natural flair for style, a passion for fashion, and a competitive drive that sets you apart? Do you look at fashion magazines and think you would like to style a photo-shoot for a famous brand? Do you want to know the secrets of a successful styling campaign? Well this Fashion Styling part time course is the right course for you.


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streep zwart

Course overview


A fashion stylist always needs to be ahead of the up and coming trends in fashion. A career in fashion-styling is inextricably involved in fashion trends and fashion forecasting for each new season. The daily work of a fashion stylist is often fast-paced and exciting. This Fashion Styling course will give you the skills and in depth perception of industry trends to help you work effectively with other professionals such as photographers, designers, fashion show coordinators and public event managers, to create a winning look for the client.


This comprehensive course is suitable for those of you who want to explore the varied career opportunities associated with styling in the fashion industry. Designed to build a solid understanding of all elements relating to fashion styling, this course will enable you to create a fashion styling portfolio and start your career as an in-store stylist, personal or corporate stylist, editorial or media stylist or runway stylist.


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Course outline


The Fashion Styling course gives you the opportunity to plan, develop and execute a creative strategy as set in fashion styling briefs. You will consider the factors that influence fashion styling and the relationships between designers, audience, content and application of photographic visual language. The ability to understand the requirements of the brief and interpret it in a creative way is a vital element in fashion styling. You will work through the process of research, planning, working with a photographer whilst shooting and producing prints. Aspects such as cultural connections, style, mood and effect will form part of your reflection and evaluation.


Course subjects:


  • Fashion styling concepts
  • Knowledge of cultural factors and influencers
  • Brand identity within styling and image
  • Fashion Image within advertising and editorial
  • Photography and lighting
  • Costing
  • Casting and set design
  • Styling
  • Art direction
  • How styling fits into a marketing campaign
  • Organisation of a styling shoot


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The summative assessment will take place at the end of the course when participants will present work including:


Digital Blog and six final styled images, to Include: 

  • Development and research of own personal story
  • Storyboards
  • Understanding of how to achieve maximum views/followers on Instagram
  • Experimentation of styling techniques
  • Six final styled photos


A Verbal presentation, to include: 

  • (PowerPoint) presentation
  • Final six styled photos
  • Target audience
  • Which Media & Channels could be considered?
  • Analysis of Brand identity
  • Examples and analysis of how the images could be used – Article/magazine/online etc.   


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Who should attend?


This type of study is designed for students who already have another BA but want to focus more on the fashion industry, or people who only want to brush up on some subjects. If you want to apply we will invite you for an interview. It goes without saying that any good fashion stylist must have a passion for fashion and a keen eye for detail. In addition you need to be constantly researching the most recent trends and colour schemes, be on the lookout  for emerging trends and be in the know about fashion labels.



streep zwart

Duration course


Dates: January 29th to April 23rd, 2021


Every Friday from 9.30 am till 5:00 pm.


One day a week at the academy (6 hours per week) for 12 weeks


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Additional information


Level: Beginners – Intermediate


Enrolment fee: € 125,-

The enrolment fee is due within a week after the registration.


Tuition fee: € 1.800,-

The tuition fee is due no later than one month before the course starts.
Early bird fee of € 1.600 available until the 1st of October 2020.


Course taught in English


Certified: The Amsterdam Fashion Academy offers approved programs. Participants who pass the course will receive an Academy certificate of completion.


Open for registration now


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