Fashion Business part-time

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The way of working is forever changing, and the fashion industry is no different. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset; wish to advance your career or even shift from your current industry to the fashion industry this course is for you.


The fashion business part-time course is the foundation in order to understand the intricacies from Concept to Commercialization within the Fashion Industry.


Discover the different functions and how they relate to each other. This will empower you to identify an area you wish to specialize in. You will also be exposed to the latest shifts in the way the industry is doing business.


Ultimately  create your own Brand Concept or Develop a Career within the Corporate Industry.
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Course overview

The Fashion Business part-time course aims to give you all the managing skills you need in order to be a successful business professional in the fashion industry. You will not only gain knowledge and expertise in fashion, but the emphasis of the course lies in acquiring what you need to build up your apparel business.


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Course outline

With this course you will learn how to create, develop, describe and promote your own fashion brand, and in so doing, how to fulfill the renewed needs of this global fashion industry.


Course subjects 

  • Define your Brand Identity through discovering your values and personality;
  • Deep Dive into Consumer Profile to better understand your target audience;
  • Explore methods of Trends and Colour Forecasting;
  • A look at Ethical and Sustainable Fashion behind the scenes;
  • Product Development process;
  • Sourcing, Supply Chain & Manufacturing;
  • Storytelling;
  • Marketing and promotion strategies in the fashion industry;
  • Styling and Visual Merchandising.


You will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Develop a strategic and enterprising approach to the multifaceted nuances of contemporary practices regarding your own current or intended career path;
  • Develop your own Business Concept withing the Fashion Industry;
  • Understand , Research existing how Brand Concepts Compare;
  • Establish the Right Product Solution;
  • Explore your business plan and distribution models;
  • Create your Go-To-Market Strategy.

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Assessment is completed through a variety of practical assignments, written reports and final presentation. Formative assessment will be on-going throughout the programme with the summative assessment taking part in the final 2 weeks.  All assessed work should be submitted for within the agreed deadlines.


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Teaching and Learning

The international team of (guest) lecturers are all experts in their respective field. They are from a diverse range of backgrounds in the fashion industry. Lively and entertaining speakers with a passion and infectious enthusiasm for fashion. All our lecturers endeavour to take a relaxed approach to the content, mixing lectures and on-site talks with more informal conversations while enjoying a snack and a drink.


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Who should attend?

Perhaps you already have a bachelor’s degree and want to switch careers or you completed high school and want to move up on the career ladder. Or you are not sure if you want to follow a full ba program. Then this could be the course for you!


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Key facts


Level: Beginners – Intermediate


Duration: 12 weeks, part time, one day a week at the academy


Day: every Friday from 9.30 a.m. till 5 p.m.


Start program: October 2nd, 2020


Completion date: December 18th, 2020


Tuition fee € 1.800,-

Discounted fee available if you register and pay the tuition fee before June 30th, 2020.


The tuition fee is due no later than one month before the course starts.


Enrolment fee € 125,-

The enrolment fee is due within a week after the registration.


Maximum number of participants: 14


Course taught in English


Certified: The Amsterdam Fashion Academy offers approved programs. Participants who pass the course will receive an Academy certificate of completion.


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Now open for Registration

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