Paris Fashion Week: 3rd-year students present final collections

Last day of preparations before ParIsfashion on March 5th, international runway while Paris Fashion Week where our 3rd-year students of the BA (Hons) Fashion Design will present part of their final collections.


Evelina Anglickaite, Isabelle Wildenburg, Joanna Grice, Myrthe van der Leden and Zara Kanaan have worked during the first semester in the conceptualisation, research and design of their final major projects and are now in the process of creating the collections. FashionUnited will cover the students’ experience during Paris Fashion Week on its Instagram stories on March 5th from 3:00pm.


“For my final collection I made a research about a country that is unknown in the Western world: North Korea. I’ve inspired by the oppressing feeling of the dictatorship as well as visuals and colour palette by the music video “Coup d’état” by the south Korean rapper G-Dragon. This music video visually represents the feeling of a dictatorship very well and stimulates the feeling of fighting back.”
– Myrthe van der Leden



“Western beauty is radiance, majesty, grandness and broadness. In comparison, Eastern beauty is desolateness. Humility. Hidden beauty”, says Shozo Kato. The Japanese Aesthetics are a set of ancient ideals which underpin much of the Japanese culture and aesthetics norms on what is considered tasteful and beautiful. It is a worldview, a lifestyle. Seen throughout architecture, design and art, it is the true core behind traditional Japan, defining every element and detail. For this collection, a deeper insight will be taken into Japanese Aesthetic Principles and architecture – what truly was the surrounding environment of the ancient Japanese – as well as exploring the relationship between nature and innovation, simplicity and tranquillity.”
– Evelina Anglickaite


“Welcome to 2019. We are currently living in the future and the nature of a human being is evolving along with digital technology. This collection is designed for the future costumer. She is empowered, provocative and full of velocity. Most of all, expressing myself through my art is one of the morales that I live by, so I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to create this collection and share it with creative minds. So excited for the Paris Fashion Week!”
– Zara Kanaan


“Dress icons of tomorrow with designer outfits carrying the message that says: take care of each other and the planet we live on. Sustainable and responsible fashion also can be of top quality and care about the people working in the production process the same time. The D1RT Sports Collection carries a message. A protest against polluting the world and following the. It’s a rebel collection as well as a promise. A promise to be an icon in the world of tomorrow with a message of the past that we can do better, be smarter, more beautiful from the inside and out.”
– Isabelle Wildenburg


Follow the students’ experience at ParIs Fashion on our Instagram stories or on FashionUnited on March 5th from 3:00pm.

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