Happy Internships!





We have received so much feedback and stories from our second year students that have been off on their internships for a few months now! Here is Melissa’s story!


Melissa Roksnoer went to travel all the way to Spain Barcelona to complete her internship for Production Media Network S.L within the Model Management group. She would take tasks on like working under the marketing and management department in particular within the e-commerce environment.

Before she started she said, “I am very excited to start my internship; I think it is a great way to enter the industry in a practical way.”


Now almost 5 months later, Melissa has learned all that she wanted and is very happy to have had this experience! “During this internship, I have been able to experience and gain on practical work. I have really enjoyed working on media production as well as with models (photoshoots, castings..) Throughout it, I have got to know amazing people who knew a lot about the industry and they have helped me a lot!”



We can’t wait to see everyone back after the summer and hear more of your success stories!

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