Fast-Track Fashion Course in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam, world famous for its unique heritage and unsurpassed art, but also modern Amsterdam at the forefront of creative innovation and international trendsetting. A truly out-of-the-box mentality which inspires all visitors to this cosmopolitan melting pot, a fantastic place to come and get inspired, not only broadening your travel horizons but also your personal ones. And now you can come here for a fast-track fashion design and business course lasting 12 weeks. The perfect way to combine travel, culture, creativity, learning and laying the foundations of your future and all in 12 weeks, which also happens to fit the validity of a 3 month tourist visa to the Netherlands. This super opportunity to get a taste of a possible degree and career in fashion in all its facets, is now being provided by the Amsterdam Fashion Academy a highly personal and friendly boutique fashion school situated in the heart of Amsterdam.



Finished school but what now?


Maybe you have completed school but are daunted by all the possibilities open to you? The international fashion world appeals to you, but it is a real risk to commit yourself to a three year degree course when you are not completely sure if this is what you want. Even one year is a long time, especially when you are young, and a one year foundation course is also a major commitment. Now you can get a great insight and experience in fashion in just 12 weeks with the new fast-track fashion course. Long enough to learn the basics and experiment, so that after completion you will know whether fashion is for you and if it is whether you are more inclined to the business or creative side of the industry.


Fill your gap year.


‘So much to do and so little time to do it,’ a common complaint of young people embarking on a gap year. One year to enjoy freedom from commitment, broaden your horizons and grow as a person and hopefully get a better idea of what you want to do in life. Here is the ideal opportunity to combine travel, culture, creativity, learning and laying the foundations for your future. This Fast-track course fits the bill perfectly. Short, intensive and geared to the future this 12 week fast-track fashion course is shorter than the duration of a 3 month tourist visa. After completing this course you will not only have acquired considerable skills and knowledge but you will have a much better idea of which direction you want to go in life. More the tendency towards business or creative design or something else?


Drop back in after dropping out.


Maybe you’ve discovered the course you had chosen is not for you. Well don’t wait until September to try something else, you can start right now. That’s the benefit of a fast-track course. It gives you the opportunity to try something and see if it fits. It will give you skills and knowledge to build on for the future and it will give you enough time to discover if there is a click between you and fashion, helping you make the right choice for a new study next September. So get something positive out of this year and fast-track your future in fashion.


Fashion is a seven letter word.


Fashion is communication, on the part of the wearer and designer. An array of non-verbal messages, on different levels. This fast-track fashion course lets you develop your practical design skills, research your field and gain a critical view of your profession. This will give you what you need to take on the challenge of reshaping the future of the fashion. If you are more inclined towards the business side you will be able to extend your knowledge and grasp of both the theoretical background of international marketing, styling and branding, as well as its practical implementation including, for example, communication surrounding a particular brand or organising a styling shoot. By the end of your course you will have found out how to tap into an inexhaustible source of creativity, gained considerable knowledge of the fashion industry along with design skills you will be able to rely on for life and you will know the direction of your future in fashion.


This 12 week fast-track fashion design and business course will get your fashion career off to a flying start. Not just to work as a fashion designer or stylist, but also as a fashion marketer, journalist, trend forecaster, visual merchandiser, buyer of Women/Menswear. You will be given the freedom to experiment and explore where your true talent lies and so help you choose the right career path after completing the course, be it a follow-up programme or working in the industry.


Fashion is a seven letter word covering a multitude of directions, skills and knowledge. Why not find out which direction is closest to your heart and talent? Send an email to to know more about the fast-track fashion course.

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