Fashion sustainability: what are consumers looking for?

Our first-year students from BA (Hons) Fashion with Textiles Design worked on a project related to fashion sustainability for their Textiles module taught by Alexandra Barker. The project was displayed at the ABN AMRO Bank N.V. in Dam Square, Amsterdam. Throughout the module, our students explored different methods of making fashion more sustainable and learnt skills they can implement in future designs. Additionally, the students learnt about the importance of championing the message of sustainability within the fashion industry.


With the demand for sustainable products constantly increasing in fashion, brands are not just working on ways of making their products more sustainable in order to please the consumers; they are also reflecting on the way that they are addressing the issue. So what type of sustainable measures are shoppers looking for? Nosta conducted a survey asking what consumers look for in ‘sustainable fashion brands’. Reducing package material, using recycled fabrics in garments, and providing fair and safe labour environments were among the top responses. However, companies are still working on their own strategies for approaching the issue.


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