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The Fashion with Textiles Design university awarded degree programme covers 4 key themes; design, textile, manufacture and business. The course is taught through a series of practical project assignments, with key emphasis on quality of products and innovative design. The practical modules are delivered through a variety of workshops, demonstrations, lectures and seminars, but the most important aspect of this programme is that you become an individual designer. Thanks to our small classes and commitment we can achieve this together by providing each individual student with one to one tuition time every week. 


Fashion Design student Amsterdam Fashion Academy


Daily classes that they follow:

Sleep, sketch, eat and create… and repeat! This is the basic routine of the design students. From pattern cutting class to digital sketching, they do it all! Here is a small look into their daily activities:


– Fashion Illustration Techniques and Visual Research

– Introduction to Historical and Cultural Contextual Studies

– Introduction to Design Processes

– Business Studies

– Fashion Realisation Techniques and Processes (including 3D and draping)

– Textiles Realisation Techniques and Processes


After the first year they also focus on:

– Historical and Cultural Contextual Studies

– Industrial Practice in a Global Context

– Fashion and Textiles Design

– Fashion and Textiles Cutting and Construction


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Amsterdam Fashion Academy Fashion Design


A little insight in what the design students think about their course:


“Inspiration can occur in every given context, and when studying fashion design in the middle of the amazing city of Amsterdam, there is so much to be drawn to. The Amsterdam Fashion Academy allows us to explore our own boundaries within creativity, and our technical skills get improved as well.” – Second Year Design Students


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