Collection Design & Realisation

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This professional programme Collection Design & Realisation is in response to the clear and up till now unmet need, for a professionally focused course to help participants produce their own portfolio, collection and business plan and so realise their own commercially viable collection. This one year part-time programme bridges that often unfathomable gap between having a fashion degree or relevant experience and having what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry. This course is geared to give you what you need in order to take that extra step towards fashion success.


streep zwart

streep zwart


Course overview Collection Design & Realisation

The course entails creating your own collection from scratch. Designing and drawing your own fashion collection, selecting colours and fabrics, preparing worksheets with manufacturing specifications and pattern pieces and going on to produce your own collection through construction techniques.


Course outline collection design & realisation

In the first semester you work on developing a collection idea and learn the importance of consumer analysis and trends. This also includes design and presentation skills, both traditional and digital, range planning, pattern cutting and sampling and fabric sourcing. In the second semester you get the opportunity to create a full collection to a professional standard, alongside a design work portfolio and a business plan.


Course subjects
  • Collection Design & Planning
  • Pattern Cutting & Sampling
  • Collection realizing
  • Portfolio building
  • Business planning
streep zwart


What the programme will give you


It is often a challenge to channel and structure all that creative input, knowledge, skills and inspiration acquired during a fashion course or work experience into designing and realising your own collection. This Collection Design & Realisation course will take you to the next level of intellectual growth and personal development. One where you will develop the insight and initiative to figure out what you need to know and what you need to do to realise your own successful collection. By acquiring more complex learning skills and carrying out more self-initiated enquiry, this part-time programme is a unique opportunity to put practical portfolio skills into more intellectually challenging context. Sounds complex but the aim is simple, to equip you with the diligence, decisiveness and direction to design and produce your own commercially successful collection. You will receive considerable individual coaching, support and assistance, so you can transform your ideas into a real clothing collection.


Extra benefits include:

Giving you a high-quality learning experience which will further contribute to your development as a highly skilled, flexible, and creative artist, designer and craftsperson with an enquiring, open-minded and creative attitude. We will help put you on the path of self-disciplined study and social awareness, getting you off to a good start in life-long learning.


You will participate in a clearly defined, flexibly structured course which will help you gain confidence in taking on professional roles to meet the challenges of expanding creative industries. This will lay the foundations for a successful career in Art and Design and let you have more say in improving the world around you.


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Entry requirements


Do you already have a fashion degree or work in the creative sector and have a sound concept for developing your own clothing line? Then this could be the course for you! Applicants for this programme are expected to already be qualified and/or have experience working in the creative sector. Selection will ultimately take place through interviews.


To be considered for a place on this part-time Professional Programme Collection Design & Realisation you must be focused on the creation of a capsule collection following a self-identified theme and consisting of at least five outfits. This means it is important that you are able to present a clear vision of what your collection should be in terms of intended target market and design concept. Once on the programme you should be motivated to create a collection which represents your strengths and is innovative and individual. In order to complete your collection and the course, you will need to demonstrate research into current trend predictions, colour and fabric forecasting, range planning and demonstrate a synthesis of knowledge, skills and understanding to realise design solutions.


You need to develop a cohesive theme which can be used for design and presentation purposes and which will be carried through to the final outcomes. You will need to show that you have researched and identified a target market. Finally all work should be analysed and self-evaluated. These are all necessary In order to successfully demonstrate that you have a professional approach to developing a collection.


streep zwart


Key facts

Level: Post graduate program

Duration: one academic year, part time, one day a week

Start program: 5th of September 2017

Every Tuesday from 9.30 am till 5 pm

Tuition fee € 3.960,-

Enrolment fee € 125,-

Maximum number of participants: 12


Course taught in English


The Amsterdam Fashion Academy offers approved programs. Participants who pass the course will receive an Academy certificate of completion.


Registration: Now open for applications September 2017


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