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Do the stories below make you feel like you’re missing out? Then why not come along to one of our open days. You can have a look around the academy and we’ll be there for a chat or to answer any questions you may have.


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Meet Avalon! “As a 2nd year Fashion Business student I am very excited to learn more about branding and styling! I love to study in an academy that teaches us the theory but, at the same time, encourages our creativity. Moreover, Fashion Business and Textile Design courses have a bond that helps us in brainstorming to generate ideas and, consequently, learning from each other. Also, Amsterdam is a great environment to live in and get inspired by its countless cultural activities. I am so excited for the year to come at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy and with my upcoming internship.” – AVALON OLIVIER, 2ND YEAR FASHION BUSINESS (HONS) BA


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February 2017
Meet Amanda! “I absolutely love it here! I’m so thankful for all the valuable feedback that I get every day! It was a really good decision to continue my studies here.” – Amanda Michelsen, 2nd year Fashion and Textiles Design (Hons) BA





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January 2017
Meet Adam! “After my first week at the academy, I can say that the school is already bringing out the best of me. Moving here is one of the best choices I have ever made! I can’t wait to see what this year brings!” – Adam Favager, 3rd year Fashion Business (Hons) BA


Adam Amsterdam Fashion Academy



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December 2016
“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how to design fashion, work in fashion production, or just wants to know how to play around with their own clothes” –

Danny Haryono about the Creative Pattern Cutting Course

I have been running the production of the Patta clothing line for the past three or four years and truth be told, I haven’t studied or have any academic credentials to do this job. So in order to grasp a further understanding of the production aspects and the process we decided to follow the Creative Pattern Cutting summer course at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. I had a couple expectations as to what I wanted to learn, but because I had no experience or prior knowledge whatsoever, I was afraid I would be out of my depth. Luckily Debbie and Jenny were great teachers, both patient and knowledgeable when it came to explaining the do’s and don’ts of pattern cutting to a layman. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how to design fashion, work in fashion production, or just wants to know how to play around with their own clothes. 




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November 2016
You make friends for life at the academy!

Karien, Fashion Business student at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, meets Lisa, International Fashion Retail student at Reutlingen University. 


First of all, what exactly are you doing at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy?

I am from Reutlingen University in Germany, where I study International Fashion Retail. I am an exchange student doing my semester abroad at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, following the Fashion Business course.
What subjects do you follow, and which one do you like the best?
I follow Historical and Contextual Studies, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Styling, Fashion Marketing and Promotion and Fashion Advertising. All the subjects are really interesting, but Fashion Marketing and Promotion is my favourite. I get an insight into how to create a marketing and promotional campaign for a company in the fashion sector and I am challenged to bring the theoretical knowledge into a practical project.

What is the biggest difference between your studies in Germany and the Amsterdam Fashion Academy?

Compared to my university in Germany, the Amsterdam Fashion Academy is quite small, which creates a personal atmosphere. I really appreciate the close interaction I have with the teachers and my fellow students.
Do you think Amsterdam is a good city to study Fashion Business?
Yes, because the environment here in Amsterdam inspires me in various ways. Besides the good style of most Amsterdammers, the architecture and influence of art is visible on the streets and create a unique atmosphere in Amsterdam. Furthermore, a lot of big fashion companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and G-Star have their headquarters here, which makes me feel really close to the business side of fashion.
Last question, describe the Amsterdam Fashion Academy in 4 words.

Professional, personal, passionate and ‘gezellig’.


Karien en Lisa



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October 2016


Meet Katherine! “Having that one on one guidance from the tutors has really pushed and developed my skills and allowed me the freedom to pursue my own direction” – Katherine Thompson, Digital Print for Textiles – part time


Textile Print Amsterdam Fashion Academy Katherine2

I am so grateful and happy I came across the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. I have been completing a the course in digital print for textiles this year part time and it has created an opportunity for me I would not have found anywhere else. The atmosphere at the academy is open and friendly, and having that one on one guidance from the tutors has really pushed and developed my skills and allowed me the freedom to pursue my own direction. I feel content moving back to New Zealand now that my time here has given me the skills and the confidence I need to be successful in my career. It really is a very special academy.      


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September 2016
Meet Isabelle! “The Amsterdam Fashion Academy feels like home to me and enables me to explore my creativity to the max” – Isabelle Wildenburg, Foundation Diploma  


Isabelle Amsterdam Fashion Academy3


“As from this year onwards, I’m a student at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. Starting with the foundation diploma, I really feel I’m in the right place. Working in this environment feels like home to me and enables me to explore my creativity to the max. Everyone is truly friendly and always willing to help. Sometimes you really have to stress yourself on a project, but the great results are very satisfactory. It is an awesome academy!”


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August 2016
Meet rosemonde! “Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a great place, with a nice environment and friendly people” – Rosemonde Wang, 2nd year Fashion Business (Hons) BA


Fashion Business student Amsterdam Fashion Academy


“I have been attending the Amsterdam Fashion Academy since my foundation year and I’m currently in my Second year Fashion Business (Hons) BA. It is a great place to study, with a nice environment and friendly people. The personal guidance from tutors when struggling are always helpful. There are workshops from time to time and hearing the stories from people in the industry during the guest lectures had lead my interest in the different areas in fashion”. 


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July 2016
meet manuel! “If you have a deep interest in fashion and design then this is the course for you“ – Manuel Castano Calero, 3rd year Fashion with Textiles Design (Hons) BA


 Manuel website Dec 2015


“Throughout my three years of study at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, I have received a great amount of support in various areas, predominantly with pattern cutting, manufacture and design guidance. The number of students in each year group is small and the amount of contact time you receive from various members of staff is exceptional.”



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June 2016
meet britt! “The Amsterdam Fashion Academy has created a safe environment for me. An environment where they encourage and support each individual” – Britt Mansveld, 3rd year Fashion Business (Hons) BA

Britt picture


I am currently in my final year of studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy and I have most definitely enjoyed the last few years. The personal approach allows you to grow as an individual and stimulates you to pursue the direction you wish to focus on. The school has a very intimate atmosphere, which encourages you to work together with peers from different classes. My internship at Viktor&Rolf last year has made me realize that the fashion industry is definitely the field I feel most excited working for. I love how this industry is so vibrant and changes at a quick pace.


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May 2016
meet julia! “the Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a place for creativity to evolve and for me to embrace my passion” – Julia van der Drift, 2nd year Fashion Business (Hons) BA

Julia 2


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying and pursuing my career in the fashion industry at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. I am in my second year now and approaching the stage where I have to go for an internship, which I am extremely excited about. Life at the academy is professional yet you are in a cosy, friendly environment where everyone in school knows each other. I find classes very inspiring and interesting as the tutors give a practical point of view rather than just theoretical when teaching, which from a creative industry is important. Classes, workshops and tutorials are taught catered to your personal working style which makes the academy special, every individual has a different way that they work best and the academy really focuses on this aspect of teaching which allows us students to develop our skills throughout each term.

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May 2016
Fashion, Friendship and Fun

Hey! It’s Emiliana & Cristina. We both landed in Amsterdam for different reasons, but thanks to The Amsterdam Fashion Academy our paths have crossed and we build up a very special friendship. 




Emiliana: I studied Fashion Bussiness in Brazil and I’m eager to be a fashion buyer. I’m living my European experience in Amsterdam where I’m learning and experiencing a lot of new and interesting things. Although I had a strong knowledge about fashion, The Amsterdam Fashion Academy gave me the opportunity to study within an international environment and they helped me to find my career path.

Cristina: I am a young journalist from Barcelona passionate for communications. I’m trying to focus my career into the fashion world and that’s why I decided to take the short course about forecasting, marketing and buying. Thanks to the Amsterdam Fashion Academy I’ve grown as a professional, and I’ve learnt to value myself and discovered my hidden talents. The director and the teachers made me feel at home, being very helpful since I got there.

For us being at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy has been a very positive experience. We have attended all the events that the school organized, and that gave us the opportunity to do networking and learn more about the fashion industry. So if you are passionate for fashion and want to have a global view of the industry, the Amsterdam Fashion Academy short courses are made for you!  


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