Fashion forecasting, marketing & buying summer course

Information related to Coronavirus:
This course will be offered both on campus (following specific safety measures) and though our Virtual Learning Environment. You can choose if studying online from home or physically at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy.

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Have you ever wondered who spots fashion trends before they are released in the press and in forecasting materials? Who decides what we are wearing next season and how do the products arrive in stores? Why are some retailers successful and others are not? 

An exciting summer course from which you will gain both proficiency and understanding in forecasting, marketing and fashion buying.


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Course overview


Within this summer course Fashion Forecasting Marketing & Buying you will have the opportunity to study the marketing environment, apply research to inform future probable consumer needs and trends analysis, and will gain an understanding of fashion buying motives.


Fashion Branding & Marketing – Fashion brands, gathering of fashion market intelligence.

This subject provides participants with an understanding of the essential elements of fashion branding and marketing and its role within the fashion industry. It includes learning the skills involved in developing a promotional campaign. The fast-changing nature of fashion in all its forms is examined in the wider context of the creative industries and the way in which these combine. Outside influences which affect the discipline are also investigated. Key to the individual learner’s development is gaining an understanding of the professional organisations that make up the fashion promotion industry.

You will examine the methods, both new and conventional, that businesses use to reach their customers. Furthermore you will gain a broad understanding of market research, and start to acquire a range of tools you can use to analyse and evaluate consumer behavior.


Fashion Buying – understand the whole journey from concept to consumer

This subject will introduce participants to their roles and what to expect if you plan to start your career with an established retailer, or if you have recently started in a buying or merchandising role and want to understand ‘best practice’. With the emphasis on larger retailers this course will help you understand what it takes to succeed as a buyer or merchandiser, and the many exciting and challenging aspects of the roles. You will start to build a comprehensive reference file on buying and merchandising.


Fashion Forecasting – Market research, trend prediction and fashion forecasting

Fashion trend-watching exposes participants to the process of forecasting by examining the techniques used by professionals to determine up-and-coming trends. Together with the other participants you will produce a forecasting project focused on a season not yet in print. You will learn how to appreciate the importance of market intelligence – trade fairs, magazines, trend agencies, observe social and cultural influences and develop your fashion ‘instinct’ and ‘intuition’. 


The following topics are covered:


  • Understanding consumers
  • Consumer profile
  • Trend prediction
  • Buying and target markets
  • Promotion campaigns
  • Sales promotion
  • Fashion PR
  • Fashion marketing & promotion trends
  • Fashion marketing frameworks for research & analysis
  • Fashion market level research 

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Who should attend?

This summer course is open to all students at any age, with varying levels of experience, including beginners. It is an intensive one-week programme for who are looking to broaden their understanding of fashion. There are no formal entry requirements and no age limits.

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Important information


Dates: July 13th to July 17th, 2020

Time: Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 4:00pm

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Language: English

Assignments: 1

Tuition fee for on campus course: € 595,-

Tuition fee for online course: € 500,-

Certified: The Amsterdam Fashion Academy offers approved programs. Participants who pass the course will receive an Academy certificate of completion.


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