April 2017
FREE FRIDAY – Meetup & Workshops

Friday, April 14th from 3 – 4.30 p.m. Open to all and Free of charge!

Not everyone has the opportunity to take a week off to attend one of our summer courses. With this in mind, we would also like to invite you to come along to our meetup. The theme is creativity and networking, so you can come and talk shop without having to take a day off. We will also be holding two workshops, Fashion Design and Fashion Styling. There will also be a drink and a snack waiting for you. It would be great to see you there. Entrance is free, but please come on time! We look forward to seeing you on Friday, April 14th from 3 – 4.30 p.m.

Free your talent and develop your creative potential!


Want to enjoy the vibrant summer life in Amsterdam and immerse yourself in creativity? Then look no further than our summer programme. The beauty of our summer programme is that you can choose what suits you best; you can opt for a one week course but you can also choose to join us at the academy for two, three or even four weeks. The courses have been designed to fit together perfectly. If you would like more of an idea what to expect then have a look at the following programmes: Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Creative Pattern Cutting and Portfolio Development.



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March 2017
Good Luck! Second years are off to their Internships!

Our second years have fledged the nest and are out in the world doing their internships. We are proud that they are able to spend time learning their trade with such big names as Anecdote, Claes Iversen, Asger Juel Larsen and Mason Garments. A great experience that will not only look great on their C.V. but is a big towards their future careers in the fashion industry. We wish them an instructive, inspiring and wonderful time.


Alexandra Hingsen will be moving to the USA, Santa Monica where she will be working with the loungewear brand Lunya within the marketing and ecommerce department.

“I am excited and eager to be a part of the Lunya team also looking to gaining new experience and knowledge within the fashion industry in the United States.”


Karien Oude Wolbers is completing her internship at Anecdote, working alongside their marketing department, she has already seen some of her moving image work in the centre of Amsterdam Rembrandtplein on the large screen.

“It’s a creative environment, with an amazing team to work with. I get to do a range of different tasks each day from social media to helping them with their campaign work. I have already used a lot of what I have learnt to inform my own project work.”



Melissa Roksnoer will be traveling to Spain Barcelona to complete her internship for Production Media Network S.L within the Model Management group, where she will working under the marketing and management department in particular within the ecommerce environment.

“I am doing an internship at a Model Management agency in Barcelona where I will be doing their social media, blog writing and marketing. I am very excited to start my internship; I think it is a great way to enter the industry in a practical way.”


Amanda Leimand Michelsen has gone back to her routes and will be from the end of March working with Danish womenswear designer Claes Iversen.  She will be working alongside the design team in the development of technical trials, helping with the production fitting with the RTW and making adaptions, assisting on the photoshoots and shows.

“I am very excited to get started and to try out some of the skills I have already learnt from the academy and delighted to be part of a team that creates products for the industry”



Linda Dittrich is leaving the Netherlands to complete her internship in Copenhagen with menswear designer Asger Juel Larsen.  She will be working alongside the design department helping to develop and support the current collection.

“After one week of interning at Asger Juel Larsen I can say that I absolutely love it! I work in a small team where we gather inspiration and ideas for the Spring/Summer collection 18. So far I gathered research, made design sketches and technical drawings of details.”


Valerie Vastesaeger is working in Belgium, Antwerp with the brand Essentiel and is completing an internship as retail project coordinator, part of her role is stock analysis, maintaining brand identity within the store and she is learning new industry software which includes; avision.

“I am very happy that I can be part of a friendly and motivated team. I am also looking forward to the next few months were I am able to also bring insights into the brand alongside learning their own processes.”



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March 2017
Free Friday – Fashion Forecasting – Afternoon Session


Friday March 24 – 1.30 p.m. – 2.45 p.m.


We invites you to join us for an informal get-together and to participate in a fascinating lecture about Fashion Trend Forecasting. This afternoon session will start at 1.30 pm and end at 2.45 p.m. The lecture will last around 50 minutes, leaving plenty of time for questions. It is open to all and for free. You don’t need any special knowledge, other than an interest in fashion, of course.

It is advisable to send an email as soon as you can in order to be assured of a place.



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March 2017
What good is creativity without know-how?

When it comes to fashion design you may tend to think about the creative aspects of designing. Trend boards, sketches, creating colour cards, draping, you name it. But who is going to make these stunning designs? Before you can produce anything, someone will first have to come up with the patterns and cut them. This is when the more technical side of designing comes into play. Pattern drawing is a much sought after skill in the fashion industry, yet there are still very few people who have truly mastered this profession.

At the academy considerable attention is rightfully paid to pattern design and cutting, in both undergraduate programmes and part-time courses. The part-time Pattern Cutting and Production Techniques course had been barely announced when all available places had already been filled for this year.

First come first served.

Keep an eye on our website because this in demand course will be running again in February 2018. If you can’t wait that long, then sign up for the summer course Creative Pattern Cutting. For an entire week you can completely immerse yourself in all the ins-and-outs and skilled techniques involved in pattern drawing. You certainly won’t regret it!




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December 2016
A day in the lives of…… The Fashion Design Students


Lets take a look…

The Fashion with Textiles Design university awarded degree programme covers 4 key themes; design, textile, manufacture and business. The course is taught through a series of practical project assignments, with key emphasis on quality of products and innovative design. The practical modules are delivered through a variety of workshops, demonstrations, lectures and seminars, but the most important aspect of this programme is that you become an individual designer. Thanks to our small classes and commitment we can achieve this together by providing each individual student with one to one tuition time every week. 


Fashion Design student Amsterdam Fashion Academy


Daily classes that they follow:

Sleep, sketch, eat and create… and repeat! This is the basic routine of the design students. From pattern cutting class to digital sketching, they do it all! Here is a small look into their daily activities:


– Fashion Illustration Techniques and Visual Research

– Introduction to Historical and Cultural Contextual Studies

– Introduction to Design Processes

– Business Studies

– Fashion Realisation Techniques and Processes (including 3D and draping)

– Textiles Realisation Techniques and Processes


After the first year they also focus on:

– Historical and Cultural Contextual Studies

– Industrial Practice in a Global Context

– Fashion and Textiles Design

– Fashion and Textiles Cutting and Construction


 lijn dik kort3


Amsterdam Fashion Academy Fashion Design


A little insight in what the design students think about their course:


“Inspiration can occur in every given context, and when studying fashion design in the middle of the amazing city of Amsterdam, there is so much to be drawn to. The Amsterdam Fashion Academy allows us to explore our own boundaries within creativity, and our technical skills get improved as well.” – Second Year Design Students


 lijn dik kort3


Learn more how to apply to the Fashion with Textiles Design (Hons) BA



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November 2016
A day in the lives of…. The Fashion Business Students


Daily classes that they follow:
Work, work, work… It never stops! But every student will agree; it’s all fun. There is a lot of variety in the Fashion Business world. From styling to the fashion’s history; the students learn it all! Here is a small look into their activities: Fashion Visual Research and Presentation,  Introduction to Project Management, Introduction to Fashion Styling, International Branding, Fashion Marketing and Promotion and Introduction to Historical and Contextual Studies. After the first year they also focus on: Historical and Contextual Studies, Fashion Branding, Industrial Practice in a Global Context, Fashion Styling, Fashion Communications and Fashion Forecasting.


Amsterdam Fashion Academy Fashion Business students



As a Fashion Business student, a day consists of researching, writing reports, watching documentaries… but there is also lots of creative activities! Like creating mood boards, digital and live sketchbooks, create hand drawn logos and sketches… It’s not just writing and learning as most might think! As you may have been seeing on our social media channels, there have been some amazing work produced! Our students are dedicated, inspirational, excited, creative, different and we couldn’t be more happy with their work! Well done! 


Fashion Business students Amsterdam Fashion Academy


 quote fashion business students








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November 2016
It’s good to keep in touch and even better to share good news!


Even though our graduates have now fledged and headed out into the world, we still like to keep a concerned eye on them. Like family members leaving home, we like to keep in touch and hear how they are getting on. Well, we’ve just received some super news which makes us feel proud and eager to share this with you.


Sophie van Broeckhuysen graduated in Fashion Business (Hons) BA

Newly graduated this summer and she has already landed her dream job! Sophie graduated in Fashion Business and had her sights set on Sydney. She moved there just a few months ago and has already been working for some time now as assistant manager with Australian brand Decjuba. And she is having the time of her life. 




“After leaving the academy I felt very lost and didn’t know what my next step should be, then I made the decision to move across the world on my own, back to my roots. I felt I had completed my stay in Amsterdam and it was time for a new adventure. My name is Sophie, I’m 21 years old with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Business (Hons). Now 5 months after graduating, I am assistant manager with Australian brand, Decjuba. This a national brand, with stores nationwide, all over Australia and New Zealand. It’s effortless and edgy fashion which empowers women with confidence. The academy really prepped me well for everything I’ve come across in this job, from styling to branding and even customer service, I learnt it all in Amsterdam, from my friends and amazing lectures. I’m really excited about the future, I’m eager for the next challenge and what’s waiting around the corner. I felt I made the right decision to make this move and follow my gut feeling, and the academy gave me that push and drive as I became obsessed with fashion and making it my priority.”  Sophie van Broeckhuysen.


Alicia Nastenko, graduated in Fashion with Textiles Design (Hons) BA

She had not even graduated when she was already invited to design a collection for the staff of the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam . A five star art, design and luxury hotel in the heart of Amsterdam. An entirely new line in the style of the Golden Age and Delft Blue to match the decor of this sophisticated hotel. There is a promising future ahead for Alicia!




“Naturally, as a designer, I wanted to transfer the “personal style” of Andaz Amsterdam into the future garments of its employees. My inspiration came from the visual reference – the interior, but also from the message the hotel delivers to the world. This place respects the past, embraces the future and is inspired by what is happening around it.” Alicia Nastenko


Britt Mansveld, graduated in Fashion Business (Hons) BA

Britt had been bitten by the study bug and wanted to carry on studying. After much deliberation, she chose the Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom. And this appears to have been a very good choice! 




“After graduation last year I decided to move to England to continue studying. I am currently doing my MA in Fashion Marketing and Communication at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom, and it has been the best decision I could have made! The University has amazing facilities for its students and has an international mind-set due to the large number of international students studying here. Epsom is a small but busy town, and within 40 minutes you are in the centre of London. This gives me the opportunity to travel to London as much as I want, either for school assignments or to explore the city!” Britt Mansveld



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October 2016
Open Evening on Thursday the 10th of November 5.30 pm – 8.00 pm short- and part-time courses

We invite you to join us for an informal get-together so you can get to know us, meet others and find out more about and our part-time courses and courses. You are under no obligation except to enjoy yourself!. Our aim is to bring like-minded people together in an inspiring environment and make you aware of who we are and what we do. Everyone who wears clothes is involved with fashion and we want to take you beyond the glamour of the catwalk and help you learn more about fashion in an accessible and fun way. So because of this we would like to invite you all to an evening at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy on Thursday November 10th at 5:30pm – 8.00 pm. We will be presenting two free 45 minute lectures on the topics of the Fashion Branding and Fashion Styling. There will be free drink and nibbles for all who attend and an opportunity to meet and mingle with the academy staff and other likeminded people. So do come along for a look, a chat and some refreshments.



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October 2016
It´s never too late to start again! Enrol in January 2017

Every year, many students apply for courses and universities and later change their minds about them. You are not the only one! We are currently receiving many enquiries from students wanting to know if it is possible to stop their current course and enrol at the academy to join one of our courses in January 2017. This is possible, provided certain conditions are met. We will be happy to tell you all you need to know. So don’t hesitate, please contact us or visit our open day on Saturday the 5th of November. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you to the academy!



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September 2016
Induction week

Hello To A New School Year at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy! Welcome back to our old students and welcome to the new faces. How exciting! Before we start with the new year let me introduce my self; my name is Megan. I will be giving you an inside look into the academy and the students life at university! Want to know more? Then keep reading…


Induction Week!

What a week! Induction week 2016/2017 was a big success and the students worked so hard! From going to museums, to styling assignments and presenting their projects! The 1st years created amazing images, the 2nd years worked on their history of arts and the 3rd years were working on their analytical writing skills!  Want a behind the scenes look? Check out the full after movie by clicking below!




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August 2016
Welcome to the new academic year 2016-2017!

The coming of a new academic year always gets the adrenaline flowing. Our pursuit of perfection certainly keeps us busy preparing the academy so that returning and new students quickly settle and feel at home (again) at our academy. Ordering museum year cards, assigning lockers, ordering books, planning timetables and the academic calendar and not forgetting writing the welcome letter to students. Paint, brushes, calico, yarn, thread, pins, sketchbooks, everything needs to be restocked. Too many things to mention. The kick-off meeting for the teaching staff is scheduled for Thursday, September 1st, then we are all set to open our again on Monday, September 5th at 10 am.


Stay tuned

We will be giving you an update about the upcoming open days, new part-time and short courses and many of the other activities that are planned for the upcoming year soon!


start academic year



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July 2016
Such good news from Megan Burgers, Fashion Business student, intern with
July 2016

“I was one of the first to start with their internship, so I didn’t really have a clue what to expect or how it would go. I ended up loving it. If you would have told me that I would learn so much in such a time, I would have probably laughed at you. After almost 7 months, I have become a part of the team at ModeMusthaves, well more like friends. I remember when I applied for the internship I actually didn’t want to work in the social media and marketing area, but after this internship, I can now say I don’t know anything anymore! I have created such a passion for social media and marketing and it has only opened more for me! Being able to show what I can at a business like this, and being praised for your abilities is amazing. I found that I can do more then I think. It´s crazy how after such a short, but long time, you get used to the way of working and living. I can definitely say that the opportunity to work here, gave me an eye opener of what the world is really like. And no one can ever take that away for me!”



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July 2016
Proud of our interns

We are particularly proud that our students don’t just get the chance of an internship in the industry, but that our internships are with select fashion labels where it is every fashionistas dream to work.


Amsterdam Fashion Academy and Tailor Elbaz


To illustrate this, Shelley Nathoenie, with Textiles Design (Hons) BA student at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, has landed internship with fashion brand Tailor & Elbaz. Read on to find out what she has to say about her amazing internship.


“This internship has really changed my view of the Dutch fashion industry. I have grown so much in ways that you only can at smaller, fast-paced fashion companies. Although I am a fashion design student, I decided that I would want to do an internship in the fashion business and marketing to experience the other side. So far, I have become a part of this team and its social media strategies, as well as helping in every other department. I help to organize our own events, as well as events in which we sponsor or participate, from working with sponsors and creating graphics all the way to actually being a spokesperson or work a Dutch Celebrity event. Currently, we are going through a busy but oh so exciting period as we are finalizing the little details of our SS17 fashion show that is happening on the 11th of July. I could not have found a better internship for myself and I have really come to learn that you do not necessarily have to stick to your study choice!”



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July 2016
Our graduates class 2016

We are so proud of our first ever graduates. They have certainly set a high standard for our current and future students to follow. You can still get a good impression of their cutting edge final collections and projects by visiting graduates class 2016. Manuel, Alicia, Laura, Fanni, Sophie, Britt, Suzanne and Thi-Lien, we wish you a great future in the fashion industry.





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July 2016
The culmination of 3 years’ hard work: our first class of graduating students!

To get straight to the heart of the matter, just 10 more weeks until we can celebrate our first graduation ceremony. A very special moment for us. A culmination of much hard work and dedication by all concerned. After a long haul getting everything in place, we were able to open our and welcome our first students in September 2013. Now, almost three years later, these students will soon be graduating. A milestone for both the students and the academy.

 Manuel Amsterdam Fashion Academy


But before that happens there is still much work to be done. The graduates in Fashion Design with Textiles are currently working hard on their final collection. You can feel the pressure rising by the week. Not really necessary of course, since all students are well on track, but still the desire and commitment is high. The graduates in Fashion Business still have a hefty chunk of their Final Major Project to do. Despite the intense hard work you can feel the solidarity among the students. This is a group of students for us, our very first students, and of course we will celebrate this in June. In addition to the graduation ceremony and fashion show these students will also receive a fantastic farewell party. What could be better? We have lots to celebrate! More about this later.





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March 2016
Amazing achievement for Alena Trubaeva – Now Fashion Designer at Karl Lagerfeld




Alena Trubaeva, a fashion designer from Moscow, moved to Amsterdam two years ago with a goal of becoming a part of the local fashion environment and to build a network within the industry. After studying part time fashion design with the Amsterdam Fashion Academy she was able to create a newly focused women’s wear collection and update her portfolio. This was indeed the start she had been looking for. Whilst studying she was able to become better acquainted with all the delicate nuances of European fashion business, and within her first internship she had the exciting opportunity to work on the Couture collection at Viktor&Rolf which was shown in Paris. Her second internship gave her the experience of becoming a part of the creative design team at a  high-end brand Karl Lagerfeld. For her, it was both a new and familiar working process. After completing the internships she is now working as a womenswear designer at Karl Lagerfeld. We wish her all the success, well done!

Check our instagram,  



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